Adult 6v6

Adults play 6v6 on a small sided field   

Field Dimensions: 55×30  Click here to see Field Diagrams.

Registration fee: $300.00


5 on the field with a Goalie, 10yd penalty box, Goal size 6ftx18ft. 


QUICKFOOT ROSTER: This form must be filled out and signed by each player. The form is turned in on Saturday morning before your first game.  No Players may be added after the first game has started. Click here for the Quickfoot roster.


Each team can only have 12 on the roster.  Players can play from different teams but, all players must be registered through NTSA or US Club Soccer.  If the Adult part of the tournament is “Sanctioned”, you may participate in a “Sanctioned” Quickfoot Tournament if not registered by filling out a “Special Event” form.

This form can also be found under the Forms page on this website. The 5.00 fee is due on tournament day. If Adult part of the tournament is not “sanctioned” anyone may play.


Each team is guaranteed 3 games.  You may play up to 5 or 6 depending on the size of your pool. Please read our “Rules” for further information regarding the games.


Adults have awards for 1st and 2nd Place.  These awards are given at the “Quickfoot” Tent at the end of the tournament.  Players are more than welcome to take pictures under the “Awards Tent” at anytime during the day.  Send us your picture so we can post it on our Facebook Page and Instagram!


Don’t forget to come by the tent and purchase our annual T shirts!

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